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English Language Arts, Phonics, Spelling, Vocabulary

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Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Homeschool

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Activity, Games, Literacy Center Ideas, Printables

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Fry's Picture Nouns Bingo allows the learner to practice sight words by recognizing the word when called out, or for differentiation, by picture.

★ 3 sets of student bingo cards

~ 20 different sight word bingo cards

~ 20 different colored sight word picture bingo cards

~ 20 different b/w sight word picture bingo cards

~ 1 blank bingo card

A perfect way to differentiate!!!

★ And calling cards for the words:

apple, baby, ball, ball game, banana, band, bird, boat, book, bowl, boy, bread, bus, bush, car, cat, cereal, chair, chalk, chest, chicken, cloud, computer, cook, cow, crayon, cup, desk, dirt, doctor, dog, doll, dress, duck, eight, farmer, field, fish, flower, fork, four, fruit, game, girl, grape, grass, hat, hill, horse, juice, lake, letter, magazine, man, meat, milk, moon, movie, newspaper, nine, nest, nurse, one, orange, pants, pear, pen, pencil, pig, plane, plant, plate, policeman, rabbit, radio, rain, rock, seven, shirt, shoes, sign, six, soda, sofa, soup, spoon, star, sun, table, tea, television, ten, three, toy, train, tree, truck, two, water, woman

Sight Word Bingo is perfect for test prep and works well in small groups or with the whole class.

So much more fun than another boring worksheet!

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Happy Teaching!

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