Reading With Color

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Just five colors will help kids decode words easily. Download a FREEBIE for details.

Reading With Color: Unique Phonics Intervention Bundle for Parents and Tutors


Balanced Literacy, EFL - ESL - ELD, English Language Arts, Phonics, Reading, Reading Strategies, Spelling

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Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Homeschool

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Activity, Bulletin Board Ideas, For Parents, Games, Guided Reading Books, Homeschool Curricula, Learning Systems, Literacy Center Ideas, Mini-Course, Posters, Songs, Teacher Manuals, Teaching Resources, Word Walls

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These creative resources will help new or struggling readers of all ages learn to sound out words, including long words, with confidence. To see the quality and reviews, link to the shop to download the FREE resources. The "Reading With Color" technique is very easy to use by parents or tutors. It involves tracing vowels in one of five colors as clues for short vowels, long vowels, and more. The PREVIEW provides an overview of the resources and when to use them, and shows selected pages from the Teacher's Guide.

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  • Awesome tool!
  • Best resource ever!
  • Great technique for my struggling readers!
  • Very useful for me as an ESL/ELL/ESOL teacher.
  • Wonderful ideas and just what I was looking for......thank you!


"Reading With Color" was invented by Elinor Boeke (1933-2016), a reading specialist who refined her method during many years of tutoring struggling readers. Elinor also gave workshops to teach parents to use this method. Elinor's daughter Evangeline, who has professional publishing experience, has created an easy-to-understand Teacher's Guide and related resources including word lists, word cards, games, and activities. If you purchase this bundle and you're not completely satisfied, send a message to Evangeline and she will send a refund or substitute other resources.

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