First-Then Charts and Visual Schedules


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A visual schedule system for students with autism.

The zip file includes 9 charts in PDF format:
- Two picture horizontal chart
- Three picture horizontal chart
- Six picture horizontal chart
- Two picture vertical chart
- Three picture vertical chart
- Six picture vertical chart
- Checklist
- Picture and text combination schedule
- Train-Themed 3-Step Schedule

You can see all of these on the preview file.

To use the charts, you'll put photos, pictures, or text representing activities for the student to complete. I like to attach the photos with Velcro and then have the student take them off the chart when the activity is finished. I also laminate the charts for durability. This also allows you to write on the charts with a dry erase marker if you're writing words on the schedule instead of using pictures.

If your student has never used a visual schedule before, start with the chart with two boxes. Choose a fast, easy activity for the first box and put a fun activity for the second box. This allows the student to get used to the idea of doing a work activity first and then getting to do a fun activity. Once you've practiced this a few times, you can do a longer activity before the "reward," and eventually add multiple activities before the reward.

Since students with autism are often visual learners, visual schedules are a helpful learning tool.

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