Multi-Match Game Cards KC: Numerals 1 to 9


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This set of printable cards will help struggling children learn to recognize numerals 1 through 9 (CCSS K.CC.3). A practice sheet for writing numerals is also included. The "KC" in the title indicates Kindergarten Counting and Cardinality.  This card set is also part of a Kindergarten Multi-Match Games BUNDLE


  • 36 math cards as 9 groups of four cards, one from each of four suits
  • A recording sheet and answer key 
  • Brief instruction cards for four games
  • A folding card storage pocket 
  • Perfect to use as a math station or during one-to-one tutoring
  • Great for emphasizing Common Core MP standards
  • See the FREE Multi-Match Games Guide for a wide variety of card activities.

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