FREE Multi-Match Game Cards KB: Understanding Numbers 11-19


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Kindergarten, 1st, Homeschool

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PDF file | 2.9 MB | 10 pages


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This FREE set of printable cards will strengthen students' understanding of numbers 11 through 19. Kids of all languages and abilities will enjoy matching numbers, models, and expressions during versatile activities. The "B" on the cover indicates the Common Core domain for [B]ase 10 operations.


  • 36 math cards as 9 groups of four cards, one from each of four suits
  • A recording sheet and answer key
  • Brief instruction cards for four games
  • A folding card storage pocket
  • Perfect to use as a math station or during one-to-one tutoring
  • See the FREE K-2 Games Guide for a wide variety of card activities. It now includes instructions in English and Spanish!

These cards are aligned to Common Core standards. Descriptions of related Kindergarten resources are included in the file, including the Kindergarten Bonus Bundle of math cards with the same format as this free sample. Thanks for looking! 


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