Grade 7 Common Core Math Communication Bundle (Posters, Goal Signs, Checklists)


Math, Specialty, Tools for Common Core

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7th, 8th

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Bulletin Board Ideas, Printables

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ZIP file | 4.84 MB | 150 pages


Resource Description

This bundle contains four products for communicating student-friendly Grade 7 math goals including Math Practices. See the separate listing for overview posters2-page checklistsgoal signs, and Math Practices posters with focus cards

MATH CHECKLIST POSTERS (4 pages, 17" by 11")

  • This product clarifies Common Core math as lists of student-friendly goals. (See the Preview.)
  • It's a time-saver for comparing Grade 7 topics to topics in the previous and next grades. 
  • Domains are color-coded and have letter-shaped icons to help you find topics quickly, even on black-and-white printouts.


  • All Common Core content is listed as 59 student-friendly goals.
  • Goals are organized by cluster on two 8.5” by 11” pages. 
  • File includes two choices of format (1 or 2 columns).

MATH GOAL SIGNS (83 pages)

  • This resource provides an easy way to communicate student-friendly goals for Grade 7 math all year! 
  • There are about 10 cluster signs and 59 goal signs. 
  • Each goal is on a separate color-coded 8.5" by 11" page.
  • A standard number is shown in the lower left corner of each sign. 
  • The file is bookmarked for easy navigation. Print a goal for each lesson or display on a screen.


  • 48 signs including 6 for each of the 8 practice standards
  • 3 overview posters on 8.5" by 11" paper
  • 8 pages of focus cards to match the signs

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