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Product updated on 8/8/14 to include a new cover and prefix and suffix word sorts!!! This phonics word sort mega packet includes 46 different word sorts! I have them in the packet according to difficulty level starting with CVC words and going all the way through soft and hard g and c. There are also sorts on blends, (including the 3 letter blends), vowel pairs, digraphs, dipthongs, r-controlled vowels (bossy r), and silent consonants. Four FREE word sorts in the preview! Do a word sort a week and this will last you all year! This fits Common Core Standards: 1.RFS.3 2.RFS.3 You May Also Like Phonics Word Family Word Sort Packet Thanks for hoppin' over. Please leave a kind rating and feedback if you decide to purchase. If you find a mistake please kindly e-mail me at prior to feedback and I will fix it and you can redownload for free! Thanks, Brian Hopkins


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