North America Continent Lapbook


Canadian History, Other (Social Studies - History), Social Studies, U.S. History

Grade Level

1st, 2nd, 3rd, Homeschool

Resource Type

Activity, Interactive Notebooks, Study Guides, Unit Plans

File Information

PDF file | 10.86 MB | 40 pages


Resource Description

This lapbook is designed to teach students about the countries in the continent, the biomes, unique landmarks, animals, plants, and the major bodies of water. It also includes sections for facts, a short timeline, and a brief look at the first peoples of North America.

This product includes a color and grayscale option for easy printing, plus full directions with color photographs for easy assembly. Both versions are filled with photographs for a visually interesting learning experience.

Lapbooks are a great way to teach a subject and help students with study references.

Copyright Mary Paul,, 2018  All rights reserved

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