Nature Journal For All Seasons


Biology, Earth Sciences, Environment, Science

Grade Level

PreK, Kindergarten, 1st, Homeschool

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Fun Stuff, Printables, Reflective Journals

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PDF file | 6.57 MB | 42 pages


Resource Description

This Nature Journal for K-3 is designed for pre-readers and early readers. These journals are designed for little hands, with lots of real pictures and drawings so that kids can see the real thing and compare it to what they see in nature.

It includes:

4 Cover types
Cloud identification sheet
Drawing sheets
Leaf/bark rubbing sheets
Smell/Hear senses prompt sheet
Animal track identification
Butterfly food/host plant ID
Butterfly symmetry
Measuring/Counting spider webs
Graphing sheet
Weather identification sheet
Tree identification sheet
Butterfly life cycle
Butterfly check list
2 seasonal checklists
4 seasonal scavenger hunts
2 generic scavenger hunts
Handwriting practice

The journal is designed to print double-sided and fold in half, then staple together with the cover sheet. Teachers may print the entire file for all seasons, or pick and choose depending on the current season and what their class is learning. 

Copyright Mary Paul,, 2018  All rights reserved

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