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Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, Homeschool

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Course Information
This course includes 33 lessons designed for a 36 week curriculum, 90 minutes per week. Each lesson includes:

A lesson with background information for the teacher
A question and answer section to highlight critical points
An image section with links to art discussed in the lesson
A resource section with videos, articles, and more to expand the lesson
A student handout
A project with complete instructions (with pictures!)
Sample artwork examples from students
Printables or extras for the lessons

The course also includes an art timeline for display, student portfolio pages, a world map to track artists, award certificates, feedback forms, and more. Please click on the preview button to view a sample lesson.

Lesson Information
The lessons include many different types of art and artists not usually found in art curriculums to keep students interested and engaged. Learn about tattoos, Japanese water painting, murals, and more! Lessons and projects included in this course are:

1. Paleolithic Cave Art – Cave Art Project
2. Jackson Pollock & Action Art – Splatter Painting Project
3. Anna Atkins & Cyanotype - Sun Art (Cyanotype) Project
4. Art of Ancient Egypt – Hieroglyphics Name Project
5. Dale Chihuly – “Glass” Sculpture Project
6. Georges Seurat & Pointillism – Pointillism Painting Project
7. Gee’s Bend Quilters – Quilt Design Project
8. Self Portraits – Wire Self-Portrait Project
9. Negative Space – Watercolor Silhouette Project
10. Installation & Abandonment Art – Rock Painting Project
11. & 12. Murals & Graffiti – Mural Project
13. Impressionism – Bleeding Tissue Paper Project
14. Relief Printing & Ukio-e Style – Styrofoam Relief Print Project
15. Mosaics Across Time – Perler Bead Mosaic Project
16. Interactive & Kinetic Art – Fidget Spinner Sculpture Project
17. Wassily Kandinsky & Abstract Painting – Musical Abstract Painting Project
18. First Nations & Native American Art – Storytelling Mask Project
19. Steampunk Art – Steampunk Sculpture Project
20. & 21. Abstract Sculpture & Henry Moore – Abstract Sculpture Project
22. Mandalas – Geometrical Mandala Project
23. Ebru & Suminagashi – Water Painting Project
24. Maori & Modern Ink – Design Your Own Tattoo Project
25. Piet Mondrian & Neoplasticism – Color Block Painting Project
26. Australian Aboriginal Dot Painting – Storytelling Dot Painting Project
27. Yayoi Kusama Installation Art – Shoebox Mirror Room Project
28. Anime & Manga – Manga Drawing Project
29. Collage Art & Matisse – Create Your Own Collage Project
30. Alexander Calder’s Mobiles – Kinetic Mobile Project
31. Origami & Akira Yoshizawa – Origami Jumping Frog Project
32. Puppetry Around the World – Create A Puppet Project
33. Leonardo da Vinci – Fresco Painting Project
34. Faith Ringgold & Text in Art – Text Art Project
35. Daisy Taugelchee & the Art of Weaving – Simple Weaving Project
36. Final Art Show Directions

Materials List
This curriculum includes a quick supply list, a student supply list, and teacher supply list. The majority of the supplies needed are basic paint and paper, but there are a few weird supplies like fidget spinners, sculpture bases, and so on. I made every attempt to restrict the supply list to use common, cheaper materials whenever possible.

Image and Resource Links
Due to copyright restrictions I cannot include images of the artists' work, so each lesson includes specific links to image examples and resource options. Each link has a search term included in case the link goes down, with specific artist and artwork names for ease of use.

This curriculum includes many different artists, and relies heavily on contemporary artists to keep the art interesting for the students. They may not care about Seurat's pointillism work, but a pointillism piece made from bottle caps will certainly catch their attention. The curriculum is designed to keep you from having to search for those interesting artists and save you time and frustration.

Copyright Mary Paul,, 2018  All rights reserved

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