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I'm so happy and deeply grateful you visited my store!!!  Thank you...thank you so much!!!!

Let me introduce myself to you. 


My name is Caroline J. Clarke Connelly,MS/CCC-SLP, PC.  Thank you for your interest in my store & educational and/or speech/language therapy products.  I hope you will love them as much as I have enjoyed creating them for you.  I love creating educational and speech/language therapy products that may help others in any way possible,  and I am deeply grateful for your interest in them.      


Before I share my professional background & experience, I want to express most importantly that...I am a Jesus lover!  Yes, I so deeply love Jesus...my Lord & Savior and I’m a practicing Christian.  At  my core, I’m a person of deep faith with a great desire to always use whatever gifts he has blessed me with, to be a blessing to others, serve others in kindness, in any way I am able.  Jesus encompasses something beyond whatever I could ever intellectually fathom, and his presence is my peace and joy, inspiring me both personally and professionally speaking, each and every day.  My greatest goal and biggest, daily challenge in life, is to live each day in such a way, that his love and light so shines through my deeds,  actions, and being, that  others easily recognize his love in me!  That’s my core foundation, my solid anchor, and drives EVERYTHING I do, thankfully!!!  

Regarding my professional background and experience…I'm a Florida-certified educator and an ASHA Certified/CCC speech-language pathologist, who has had the fortunate honor to be the recipient of a peer nominated award, presented by the Speech-Language Impaired Program of one of the largest urban school districts in the nation, for professional work-related excellence and flexibility.  I'm also a PROMPT (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets) certified clinician, an Affect Based Language Curriculum (ABLC) Consultant , I have mentored and supervised graduate students in the field of speech-language pathology, mentored beginning educators, and taught students in both regular and special education, prior to becoming a speech language pathologist.  I’ve written & published 2 children's books and entitled:  No, Silly-Willy and Shu Shu's Secret.  

I also have a great passion for music.  I loooove music & thank goodness for music to balance my linear/logical side, lol!!!!  As a professional musician, vocalist, songwriter, & recording artist, I released an  adult contemporary/jazz CD of co-written original music/lyrics entitled “Caroline…Catch Love.”

Because of the varied professional experiences I have had, I take a holistic and creative perspective & approach when teaching, doing therapy, and/or creating educational/therapy products.   I came to realize soon after becoming a Speech Language Pathologist, that there is a bridge & hence connection,  between a student’s understanding and use of foundational, linguistic/language underpinnings, which is what we address in the field of Speech Language Pathology, and the acquisition of all any cognitive, academic and/or educational goals, addressed in formal education by educators.  

When I create products or teaching and/or speech/language therapy I want to keep in mind not only the surface levels of targeted academic goals per product, but also, any linguistic underpinnings necessary for  all learning. 

In closing,  thank you again for taking time to visit my page and consider my products!!!   





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